Some Features:
•   When the Power Goes Out, Your ALuminary Designs will Come to Life and Continue to Provide Illumination for Hours
•   Accent Lighting that doubles as an Emergency Lamp
•   Mood Lighting – Take it with you to the Bathroom or Tub (No potential of shock)
•   Night Lamp (non-rechargeable versions available)
•   Outdoor Evening/Night (not waterproof)
•   Very Conservative Power Consumption
•   Up to 30 Hrs. of Comforting Illumination

Common Designs Include:
•   Personal Reading Lamps
•   Sconce Lamps
•   Desk Lamps
•   Table Top Designs
•   Mantle Accent
•   Illuminated Wall Art
•   Headboard Illumination
•   Night Stand / End Table Lamps
•   Illuminated Display Cases

Just Touch:

Just One Touch: No switch on any of our designs means a single touch smoothly transitions the light to a comfortable level of illumination of your choosing.

Commissioned Work:
We would love to hear your design ideas. We are available to discuss any of your interests or concerns by appointment, so feel absolutely free to contact us.
10am to 6pm PST (775) 849-2632

CAD Modeling Services:
We also offer full CAD modeling & visualization services for those designs that require pre-build visualization.

Call to discuss your needs and wants 10am to 6pm PST (775) 849-2632 or E-Mail me at

We will ship anywhere in the United States of America. Arrangements can be made to ship outside the United States.

Commonly Used Materials:
•   Woods
•   Brass
•   Gold
•   Silver
•   Steel
•   Stainless Steel
•   Aluminum
•   Glass
•   Acrylic
•   Polycarbonate

  Wood designs are finished with a very tough, hand-rubbed, gloss or satin finish over stain (if applicable).
  Metal designs are often powder coated or have an appropriate tough finish.

Feet & Bottoms:
 Typically the feet or bottoms have felt applied where applicable. We also offer non-skid materials.

 We will be happy to consider any wood or material you may want to incorporate in your designs.

If you are interested please check out the Wood Database, an abundance of information and pictures.

Some Popular Species:
•   Maple
•   Walnut
•   Oak
•   Cherry

Technical Info:
All of our designs incorporate LEDs, (Light Emitting Diodes), for efficiency and longevity. Our designs are carefully and conservatively engineered to provide cool, efficient operation for a very long life. You should never need to service your lamp.

Most of our designs have HART. HART, allows you to adjust the illumination to any desired level, initiate or extinguish the illumination altogether.

When the Power Goes Out!
HART also monitors the power from it's source and will recognize when the power is lost. HART will automatically turn itself on at a low level to provide illumination, or if already on, lower the light level to extend battery life. Of course, you may override this and adjust brightness to the desired intensity as you wish.

During a Power Outage or when you want to take your lamp with you, you can normally expect to have illumination from 10 to 30+ Hours.

Our Sconce lamps also may have HART and will provide many hours of illumination when power is lost.

Some designs don’t have HART, in these cases the illumination is either fully ON or OFF. Brightness is fixed.

All of our designs use safety agency approved, universal power supplies, which means safe and reliable operation at voltages from 100vac through 240vac.

Battery Packs:
We use only nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery packs for the most reliable, safe and longest lasting power sources available.

All designs with batteries are intended to be plugged in at all times ready to provide light when the power fails or if you want to take the design with you.

Batteries are recharged while power is applied to the design.

Designs with batteries that are unplugged for extended periods will require charging for 24 Hours prior to portable use.

Most designs with batteries will provide useful illumination from 12 to 30 Hrs, depending on brightness.

Some designs with batteries and LED Arrays are designed to provide at least 2 hours of useful illumination.

How long the design will stay lit depends upon a few things.
•   The level of brightness you have adjusted the illumination to. Lower light levels allow the illumination to last longer.
•   Battery pack size. Battery pack sizes may be discussed for commissioned designs.
•   Number of lamps in the design. Each of our designs incorporate a varying number of lamps.

Rescued Wood:

What we refer to as rescued wood are new and used high-quality wood species that would have been destroyed, by shredder or some other means, if we hadn't rescued it.

HART Halo Ambient Radiance Technology


If for some reason your ALuminary design stops functioning properly, we will repair it. (return policy applies). The only exception would be if it is not repairable. In which case we will make best efforts to make you happy.

If you have ANY questions please feel free to call or email us.