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If you are a self-motivated sales person ready to take on responsibility, this might be for you. We are looking for a dedicated person to take on the task of working with us to establish and maintain a modest customer-base. We want you to own this position as a partner would. We are on a quest to find the person with the passion and drive for the long term.

The Sales Person We Are Looking For:

  • Has Great Ethics
  • Loves The Product
  • Passion for Decor
  • Loves Building and Maintaining Sales Relationships
  • Wants to earn a comfortable living without working 7 days a week.

 The person we want to partner with is a serous, spirited, and enthusiastic individual who is ready to reap the rewards of his or her efforts.

 We can’t succeed without someone like you to promote our product.

Thank you for your time.



Mitchell Murway

775-849-2632 M-F 10am to 6:30pm PST