About Us




When the sun rises over the Washoe Valley, you can find Edi Murway in the workshop on his property. Bitty, Edi’s black and white tuxedo cat, will preside over a day of sanding and polishing, while Edi hand-crafts the unique wood lanterns that he is famous for among family and friends. As Edi works, the sweet odor of sawdust mingles with the aroma of his coffee. Soon, classic rock will compete with the percussion of the tools that Edi, his son, Mitchell and nephew Shane use to shape the light furnishings. When the sun sets, Edi will tidy the workshop and bask in the satisfaction of completing another work of light.

Edi is a self-taught craftsman and materials engineer who has designed Hollywood props, built racecars, tested medical equipment, and worked in the aerospace industry — among other things — for over 40 years. Edi draws upon his professional experience to meld the ingenuity of modern LED technology with the integrity of time-honored American craftsmanship in everything her builds. Now in his sixties, Edi is building his own luminary designs full-time.

Edi’s first hand-crafted light furnishing was a brass and wood candelabra lovingly made for his fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Block. For decades, Edi has enchanted family and friends with gifts of light. Today, Edi’s illuminated works are still made individually, from the finest materials. Edi loves working with reclaimed wood 

or wood with interesting grain patterns or flaws. For Edi, there is a symbiotic relationship between the design and the wood. High quality LED components complement the warm, rich beauty of the wood. Everything Edi makes has a practical use that belies its beauty. Edi’s lanterns are alive when no other light is. When the power goes out, his lanterns glow softly so they can be easily found in the dark. When Edi makes a lantern, it’s personal, intended to evoke emotion and to be touched. 

Edi’s philosophy for materials and workmanship is “Nothing but the finest. If you build something, do it right, and put in the extra time to make it bullet proof.”

About ALuminary:

ALuminary is an American family business creating illuminated works with the finest hand-craftmanship and the latest LED technology. ALuminary founder Edi Murway and his nephew Shane still work in the shop on Edi’s property, where Edi has been designing unique, radiant works of light for years. Because each item is individually crafted, there will always be a limited supply of ALuminary’s artisan light works.

 ALuminary’s designs utilize nature’s materials and human imagination to inspire portable, rechargeable, illuminated furnishings of high quality. ALuminary cuts no corners and takes no shortcuts. The ALuminary shop is equipped with everything needed to fabricate items from nearly any materials.

 At ALuminary, almost every month we start a new project. Projects we create are fueled by emotion, imagination, and practicality. Some of our projects are about exploring materials, and others are inspired by you, our friends and our team members.

 Edi Murway’s unique illuminated furnishings are intended to evoke emotion. Simultaneously, his designs assist you by providing subtle illumination whenever and wherever you need it, while helping you feel comfortable and secure in your surroundings.