•   Camping
  •   Tailgating
  •   Gun Cleaning and Reloading
  •   Arts and Crafts
  •   Sewing
  •   Reading, Writing and Drawing
  •   Garden or Potting in the Evening
  •   Metal Work and Machining
  •   Electronic Assembly and Repair
  •   Automotive Maintenance
  •   Woodworking and Carving

Feature List

  •   Standard: 115 – 230 Volt AC Operation
  •   Standard: 6 Foot 12 Volt Automotive Accessory Cord
  •   Optional: 25 Foot Extension Cord
  •   Optional: Portable Battery Pack (custom packs available for extended use)
  •   Optional: Solar Charger (or use your own)
  •   Optional: Travel / Storage Case

The ILLUMINATOR Out Performs ANY Other Lantern In The Following Areas:
  •   Amount of usable light provided
  •   It won’t cast its own shadow
  •   You never have to look into the direct light of the lantern
  •   Provides its own support above the area where light is needed
  •   Runs from your vehicle, optional rechargeable battery pack, inverter, generator or a wall outlet

The ILLUMINATOR uses LEDs that will never get hot, no matter how long you leave them on, and the lamp head is crafted of fine materials that are easy on the hands and the eyes!

The ILLUMINATOR is reliable, lightweight and collapsible for easy relocation and travel. It can fit anywhere in your shop or home, and it’s infinitely adjustable for your convenience!

The ILLUMINATOR is Fully Solid State, with a service life of 30,000 Hours, That's 14 years of 8 hour work days.

Focus on CAMPING

Fumbling with a conventional lantern is always a pain! Constantly trying to find somewhere to hang it, or set it out of the way, all while creating shadows or getting the light in your eyes. But No More!

  •   The ILLUMINATOR is the pinnacle of camp lighting!
  •   The ILLUMINATOR will take care of all of your lighting needs!
  •   Take The ILLUMINATOR into your tent with you!
  •   Never have to hold a flashlight in your mouth again!
  •   Fumbling through your coolers is a thing of the past!
  •   Simply twist the head in whatever direction you need more light!
  •   Simply unload, set up, make dinner, and play cards with your family, while never having to move the light!


  •   The ILLUMINATOR is the ultimate tailgating companion!
  •   Shadows cast by barbeque lids can be the bane of truck-side grilling, but not with the ILLUMINATOR!
  •   The ILLUMINATOR can easily light the entire area around the tailgate of your truck or SUV, providing more than ample light to barbeque, navigate the truck bed or backseat!
  •   One ILLUMINATOR lighting package can provide more than adequate light to see everything you could ever need to while you grill!
  •   Two Illuminators will make the possibilities endless, providing enough light for virtually any outdoor activity!
  •   Never miss the beginning of the game! The ILLUMINATOR will keep things simple, and fast so you can get inside the stadium in a timely manner, and The ILLUMINATOR will provide for you again when you’re ready to celebrate your team’s big win!

Material: High Quality Species of Wood and UHDPE
Finish: Wood is Hand Rubbed Oil With Spar Urethane Overcoat
Powered from a Wall Outlet with the Supplied Power Adapter (115 - 230 VAC)
Optional: 12 Volt Battery Pack
Optional: Powered from your Car or Truck's 12 Volt Auto Accessory Outlet wiith our Optional 12 Volt Auto Accessory Cord
 LEDs: Cool White or Warm White your preference