Lantern Series

When All Other Lights Go Out:

These lanterns serve as nightlights that gently lull a child to sleep, as safety lanterns for seniors, as subtle mood lighting for the bedroom or master bath, as enchanting holiday lights, and as emergency preparedness lights. It’s amazing that something so charming can be so useful.

Edi has thought of everything.


Each lantern allows an infinite range of dimming at the touch of a fingertip. These portable, rechargeable lanterns use a standard wall outlet, and automatically come to life from the built-in battery if the power goes out. No fumbling for a swich in the middle of the night. The lantern responds to a sensor on its top surface.


Lantern Details:

  • Cool, energy efficient LED technology.
  • HART allows adjustable illumination, from dim to bright, and turns on automatically if plugged when the power goes out, making it easy to find your emergency light source.

10-30 hours of illumination from the rechargeable batteries.