Go ahead, Touch One. Fall in love.

Reminisce about summer evenings on Grandpa’s farm, sharing stories under the glow of a hand-made luminary. Have dinner outside by lantern-light. Share the wonder of a child as a finely crafted mantel accent sheds radiance over Christmas stockings below. Enjoy the magic ambiance of lanterns at a birthday party. Enhance the beauty of a wedding cake with an ALuminary centerpiece.


Artisan-Crafted Designs that Utilize Illumination to add Another Dimension in Furnishing.

Inspired by Nature’s Materials and Human Imagination, Our Unique, Portable, Rechargeable, Illuminated Designs Won’t Leave You in the Dark.


Edi makes it look effortless and he never overlooks minor details. He is a master at his trades with any tools given to him.

                                                                   —Roy Rodriguez


I’ve seen some of Edi’s builds for ALuminary and his experience shows in his work. They’re all hand-made, and for someone to take the time to make things by hand is a rare thing these days.

                                                                   —Jacob Linstrom


Edi has worked his entire life to support family and to further his knowledge. He’ll never produce something unfinished, an he’ll never cut corners. That’s just who I know him to be.

                                                                   —Mitchell Murway